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Hot here [Jun. 6th, 2006|08:40 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]

It is so hot out here I for the first time say I am getting sunburned. I can not believe this. I CAN NOT EVEN WALK MY PUPPY RIGHT know IT"S Over a 100. trapped in TX.
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It's been a long time [Jun. 5th, 2006|04:39 am]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]

I have been busy these last 6 months got a job corporate, huband and a house. I will be taking my ex to court soon. Just so everyone knows I did not marry my husband out of spite but love. It seems like when you feel everything is falling in place there always ends up something. Went to the Doctor and found out I may not be able to have children anymore. Like everyone says never say never. By the way way I do not care for my new in laws "fake". I do try to watch my mouth around them because they get on my Nerves!!!! They have even told me I am not a women like I caused this condition. I just stay away and prey for strength to get me thru all of this. I took my mind off a lot of it by starting to write a book on my life. It was so deep that my co worker cried when she read it and I was only on the preface :(. If nothing else I will finsh it and it will be honest and truthfully. I have been thru a lot and may have to make a part one and two:). I am gratefully I met a men that understands me because my doctor told me I can no longer work right know. I will say God has his own ways of working things out. I will keep all posted since I know have so much time at home :). By the way got a puppy to watch over me he knocked so hard on the door the other night scared of the dark I am still wondering if the SPCA will take him back:).

I will start posting more now feel free to give feed back.
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There is a first time for everyting [Mar. 4th, 2005|09:32 am]
[mood |mellowmellow]

Hello everyone that has chosen to take a moment to get to know me. I guess I should say start by saying my sister uses this site to express her day-to-day life. In fact sometimes in order to find out how she is doing when we don’t have a chance to talk I go to her pages here for her latest update. A little background information about myself; I am 34 just relocated for the umpteenth time in my life and find myself starting over (career, social, relationship) you name it for hopefully the last time in my life. I am currently going thru what is turning into a custody battle from hell that has not even started yet. I will talk about that more as time goes on I am sure of that. As for today what my life has been like since moving to Dallas is this looking, looking, looking for a new job/career. Right now I spend a great deal of my day on the Internet surfing looking. I live in a remote area by Dallas that of course has no public transportation. This affects my life a great deal because:

A. I am from the Bay Area where you can go anywhere without a car.
B. I have never had a driver’s license nor can I say I can drive well enough to get one.

There go ahead and gasp or whatever you heard it correctly I am 34 years old and I do not drive.
It started off as a fear as a child and I never really had to drive where I lived so I never did. I have since realized all things come and become with age. I now know I need have to have a DL and a car if I wish to have the independence I crave so much in my life. I personally distaste having to rely on anyone for anything but I do now.

This again comes with I need a job/career/life.

I currently live with my god sister who is very supportive and at the same time helps me to stay motivated and focused on my goals. I know this move here is a new starting point for me and all things take time. I just hate looking for a job I feel like I am constently selling myself. I don’t know maybe because I have had a lot of luck in the past finding a job that now it is time to pay my dues and really have to look. This defiantly will teach me to appreciate a job once it is given and I know I will receive one soon.

I guesses something else I should say in my beginning is love life nonexistent.

Well that’s enough of a break for now back to Monster and the rest of those places.
By the way I am an open person so feel free o post any comments however, due take in mind this is my first entry so pls be kind:)
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